Podcast: Tua Tapi Keren

Moza Pramita, Venita Daben, dan Irka, membuat podcast Tua Tapi Keren di Spotify. Podcast ini membicarakan tema-tema seputar dinamika kehidupan perempuan dewasa, mulai dari bati, fisik, mental health, sex sampai tetek bengek krim malam, pakaian dalam dan pelumas.

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Partnership Consultant

Moza provides a unique combination of deep first-hand experience in communications and media. Flexible, friendly, and determined, Moza has an extensive partnership with stakeholders and government relations.

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Lashes by Moza

A brand of eyelashes created by Moza Pramita since 2014. A collection of lashes made from 100% real hair. Created by hand, made in Indonesia.

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